5 Best Studio Headphones Under $100

For any expert or a person with a pastime of playing music on an exceptionally exacting financial plan, we have explored on the best pair of earphones that can be utilized in the studio for recording and the most awesome aspect is this that the pair goes under $200 spending plan.

Finding the best studio headphones under $100 is getting easier with their prices dropping steadily as the years go by. These days, you can find a lot of studio headphones for quite cheap that also sound pretty good for their price.

1. Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

With a padded headband for comfort and full-sized cups, the ATH-M40x demonstrates an impressive ability to cancel noise, while the 40 mm drivers provide a well-balanced audio profile for optimal performance. The convenience of 90-degree swiveling ear cups are a great feature for DJs and anyone who tend to prefer to monitor with one ear. The frequency response of the ATH-M40x ranges from 15 to 24,000 Hz and is incredibly flat, especially when taking into consideration the bargain price you get them for.

Audio-Technica designed these with one purpose in mind: listening to music. Overall, if you prefer an ever-so-slight emphasis in the mids and vocals, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the ATH-M40x as our pick for the best headphones under $100.

2. Sony MDR-7506

Sony MDR-7506 are intended for studio monitoring. Fortunately, if you want to expose them to natural light, folding hinges make transport a breeze. The sensitivity of this pair is 106 dB having 40-millimeter drivers, that gives a boost to the songs.  Moreover, the design is lightweight and can be worn for long hours. Hence, Sony MDR7506 is the best choice in a very low budget. 

3. Yamaha HPH-50 - Closed Back

The Yamaha HPH-50 is marketed as an affordable studio monitoring headphone. Despite being affordably priced, it features great build quality as expected from a major manufacturer like Yamaha.

The Yamaha HPH-50 is a great headphone for monitoring instruments like electric piano, electronic drums and synthesizers.

4. Sennheiser HD280 PRO

HD280 still remains one amongst the most effective studio headphones on the market. It’s conjointly the primary combine the general public purchase after they graduate from “tinkering with Ableton” to “making music”. Let’s examine what makes them great: the sound profile is well-balanced and neutral, the ear cups ar snug, the noise isolation is phenomenal, and they’re thus sturdy that. That they come in at this price point is a testament to Sennheiser’s engineering.


The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro is yet another pair that has a quality design, which makes it very comfortable. The padding is very soft and can be easily worn for long hours. But the earpiece very thin plastic on it.  Though, it comes with 2 years warranty. This pair is just perfect for mixing. The frequency response is very extensive which goes well above and below the human spectrum. Moreover, each part of it is replaceable.

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